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Who we are
The next-generation learning experience

Toothy Buddies aims to be the innovative learning buddy for your little ones! Through research and innovation, we are offering something new, something that will revolutionize how children make sense of the world and spread their wings in the journey towards multiple intelligences.

Our thoughts are pretty simple:

  • Children are curious by nature. By creating a fun and engaging environment, we can fuel their passion to learn and explore freely.
  • Technology has been improving our lives, so should it further make learning experience more effective and enjoyable.

And to our multi-disciplinary team, nothing is more gratifying than creating smiles and cheers for kids and parents throughout the learning process. Our education experts, child psychologists, creative directors, rich media designers, user experience planners, digital technology developers……they all work their fingers to the bone to develop fun educational products and classes that have a solid grounding in education theories. Parents can be assured that your kids will enjoy learning – and learn effectively – in a safe digital environment.

We partner with child education professionals to develop the next-generation learning experiences, which stimulate children’s cognitive development in many fun and engaging ways.

What we believe in
Learning is more effective when it's fun!

The beaming smiles on children’s faces are the best indicator of how interested and impressed they are in the learning. It is this passion that motivates them to learn in-depth and at-length. That’s why when we design our products, we consider not just child development theories, but also the extent of inspiration and motivation the learning would bring.

Effective feedback helps kids go further and faster!

We give instant and constructive feedback to children, parents and even tutors during learning process. By having an eye on their learning behaviors, we gain insights on drafting better learning strategies, and navigating our teaching in terms of objectives, quality as well as quantity.

Learning needs are personal and dynamic, so should education.

No children are the same: they do not have the same skills, learning needs and learning progress. That means tailor-made learning materials are the best for education. With that in mind, we develop adaptive learning materials which can be adjusted according to children’s learning progress, with an aim to suit their learning pace and enhance their confidence.

Connect with experts and make contribution to Education.

We develop learning materials with the support of different specialists and education theories. While we pay attention to the design and effectiveness of the learning products, we make sure they help cultivate children’s enthusiasm in learning and communication skills. To come up with products catering to children’s and parent’s needs, we are open to their opinions.

Learning matters, but so does social interaction.

Learning not just happens when the kids are at school, but also when they are enjoying the time together with parents. In designing our products, besides creating fun and effective learning experience, we also aim to create engagement between parents and kids. We encourage parents to use our products with their kids in the learning process, so we add a lot of elements for parents to participate in their kids’ learning, publish guidebooks particularly for parents, and also host Parent Workshop. All to allow parents to better understand the concept behind our product and to have an enjoyable learning experience together with their kids.