Chinese Stroke Exercise: My Chinese Copybook
Iris / Nurse

My daughter is capable of writing visually appealing characters but she is always rushing to go and play and so she is not careful when doing her homework.

2014-07-15 | #Experience Sharing
Chinese Stroke Exercise: My Chinese Copybook
Barbara / Former kindergarten principal

Working in kindergartens I have seen children struggling to recreate the Chinese characters they are taught and remember the correct stroke order. The Chinese Copybook app seems to me to be a simple, engaging and fun way for children to practice and learn. Children can also develop their fine motor skills while working through the exercises.

2014-05-29 | #Experience Sharing
Chinese Stroke Exercise: My Chinese Copybook
Megan, Kindergarten teacher / Daughter: Kiya

I have been a kindergarten teacher in HK for several years. I do let my kids use iPads and smart phones as I believe technology is part of this world and I would like my kids to be up to date. I will definitely recommend My Chinese Copybook app, especially for people like me who do not speak Chinese or have no idea how to write Chinese.

2014-04-24 | #Experience Sharing