Write Dance Multi-sensory Writing Exercise
Virginia, Kindergarten teacher/ Son: Josiah

As a kindergarten teacher, I often have friends asking me about how to teach their toddlers languages, handwriting or general studies effectively. In the kindergarten that I teach in, besides the theme-based approach, we have also adopted some multisensory teaching materials. Nowadays people can find abundant information about multisensory teaching through the internet, and in books as well. I think Which Sensory Learning Method is best for Your Child? is a great e-book focusing on multisensory teaching. Parents get to learn some effective strategies to improve their children’s learning skills accordingly.

2014-01-06 | #Experience Sharing
Write Dance Multi-sensory Writing Exercise
Vivian, Former elementary school Chinese teacher / Son: Larry

One of the common problems is that some students tent to write poorly-formed letters due to a lack of spatial judgment. I think “Butterfly Kaleidoscope” is a good exercise to enhance children’s visual spatial skills. I like the feature that the shapes and colors change in each level, because kids are interested in different colors and shapes, the changes can let them focus on practicing. The progress report is my favorite part in this exercise. It tells me which part Larry is not good at so that I can help him practice targetedly. Larry likes stickers, so he is especially attracted to the “My collection” sticker page; I like this design too because these stickers as awards can encourage him to keep on practicing!

2013-12-18 | #Experience Sharing
Write Dance Multi-sensory Writing Exercise
Selina, Playgroup teacher/ Son: Ethan

When selecting apps for Ethan, I focus on the educational elements as well as the controllability, because I don’t want him to lose the track of time while playing with the iPad. I really appreciate that Rainbow Slide has a time setting function. We agree on a time limit for the practice every time he gets to start playing, once the time is up, the exercise will be locked automatically. Although Ethan always earns for more, the cute cartoon figure pops up and tells him that it’s time for some rest!

2013-12-06 | #Experience Sharing