Carnival of Animals interactive music learning apps
Sharon, Former Engineer / Son: Logan

In my opinion, a mother spending time with her child is the best way of nurturing. Reading is one of our major mother-and-son activities. I think reading “My Elephant Brother” could be quite a nice, interactive time for us. I like the voice of the narrator, which was nice and good to listen to. The highlighting on the word as it is being said is a good idea. As Logan is becoming more and more interested in the words, I usually point my finger to them while we are reading, the highlighting could do just the same.

2013-12-02 | #Experience Sharing
Carnival of Animals interactive music learning apps
Kathryn, Risk Manager / Daughter: Hannah

I grew up playing the piano and I like classical music. I used to teach my children piano - just some basic elements like the scales - in a very relaxed way. I think this app could be effective to help Hannah start learning music. The combination of graphics and melody made us concentrate on the activities, and I really enjoyed the long melodic contour. I found myself being quite mesmerized by the music part, which I think it’s good because that’s what you want the children to have in their ears. Hannah enjoyed doing the other three chapters one by one after she played the aquarium chapter, and she got good results, even a five-star from the lion chapter! I could tell that she felt quite encouraged by that.

2013-11-25 | #Experience Sharing
Carnival of Animals interactive music learning apps
Kamen, Financial Analyst / Son: Aidan

Aidan is the only child in my family. At weekends I will take him out and let him hang out with other kids, as way to help him know how to get along with people, and becomes a boy with good manners. I have found the “Aquarium Theatre” an interesting and educative story when reading it with Aidan. The scenes and dialogues of those sea creatures from the Aquarium School are what kids of Aidan’s age are facing every day. Aidan learns how to politely react when dealing with conflicts within this story, which I believe is useful to him throughout his life.

2013-11-19 | #Experience Sharing